Accounting Applications

Managing Accounts can be Troublesome, yes. But it Need No Longer be.

Managing accounts for an organisation is an essential process to manage the organisation amongst others. Unless you are someone who enjoys working with numbers and more numbers, accounting can quickly become mind-numbingly difficult. Managing accounts involves working with multiple groups of people, within and outside of the organisation - all of whom may or may not be aligned with the organisation’s goals and views. But accounting need not be so difficult.

With a process set up to manage your organisation’s accounts, using everything from cloud computing to mobile applications and automation that we are able to provide, your customers will be satisfied with the professionalism present in your brand. We create a better experience for your customers and your employees; but not just for accounting but even across multiple disciplines

A small error in accounts can create dire consequences, not just for the organisation, the clients, and the customers - it might even cause legal issues. Now consider the same for bigger organisations, and the issues scale up. Proper documentation reduces the errors, and by introducing technology into managing accounts, we almost eradicate human errors in accounting. Now, let’s have a look at how we will be able to enable you by making your accounting life easier

GST Software Applications

GST Compliant Software will keep you ready for the next tax session by informing you of the GST liability to file returns.Track sales using the GST software for accounting to register the GST users and the unregistered GST users which can be claimed later through the application itself.

Automation and Mobile Applications

Automating business workflows enable us to build multiple layers of functionality. Accounting systems can be set in place by automating with the rule-based categorization of even your banking transactions. You can avoid repetitive mechanical tasks while generating insights from the software, which you did not have access to earlier.

Communication on the Clouds

Cloud accounting software paves way for your colleagues, accountants, customers, and vendors to work together. The team is thus updated in real time without additional costs. With all your vendors and your customers placed together, you can now collaborate with the customers and staffs to increase productivity and efficiency - even in a shorter time frame.

Single software solution for all your business accounting needs

Systematic Data Organisation

Keeps all of your data in order, helping you to work your accounts and your business in a fast and efficient manner. We provide a single software platform to manage all of your finances, right from purchasing, inventory management, billing, to tax filing.

Informed Business Decisions

Can be easily taken now based on the availability of accurate real-time data. This data reflects important information such as payables, receivables, cash flow and expenses in a consolidated view on your dashboard. This data can be used in the future to optimise purchases and sales

Accounting Applications

The easy to use accounting software even helps with the process of generating bills, reconcile with banks, send invoices, track inventory, generate reports. It can generate a one-time/recurring bill to forward expenses to the customers for whom they were incurred letting you track the payables with ease.

One Single Location

Purchases that you have made for your business and other expenses can be updated and maintained in a single location. Your clients and customers can view all your recent transactions, make bulk payments, approve estimates for future transac-tions, and provide their feedback all at one place.

Convenient management of the inventory

By making use of the application to update the inventory levels whenever a purchase or a sale is made. With this, you access an accurate view of the profitability. If you are a business running abroad - you have the options to create transactions in foreign currencies, with a selected base currency for your accounting processes.

Custom directories

These would let you have an overall view of the information about outstanding amounts, previous transactions and statement reports etc in one place. Product Listings are now easier to organise with vital information such as cost, SKU, and stocks - which will be easier to access.

We can even customise your most unique business process workflows with specially defined roles and controlled access to the selected staff, clients, and customers. Sharing reports, balance sheets, P&L, invoices and cash flow statements can now be carried out easily and quickly. Accounting can be difficult to handle, more so because of the significance, it holds both inside and outside the organisation. However, with just the right digital accounting tools at hand, your workflow will simply be more streamlined and easier to handle, you will save in terms of economy as well as the environment, while at the same time establishing a professional image to your clients and customers

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