Copywriting - A Fundamental Ingredient in Digital Media

Copy Writing refers to the writing done for marketing a brand or its products and services. Content writing is the writing that is done to inform the audience/readers. In marketing jargon, copy refers to the text present in any collateral, and thus by extension, copy-writing refers to the writing of any text in any of your brand’s marketing material. Copywriters can be considered the textual equivalent of a salesman, selling the brand to you.

Importance of Good Copywriting

Copy Writing can be considered as one of the main pillars when it comes to digital marketing along with others such as design and development. Copy Writing plays an important role in print and online services. This is because with a good copywriter (either in-house or outsourced) your content becomes better than before. And here’s how:

Original Content

Your brand becomes unique with the copywriter working specifically for the brand, tailoring each word to persuade your target market. The focus is not just on the unique content but also on the reader who should be moved to action at the end of the good copy.

Target Audience

Copy Writing is reader-oriented that has its heart in the right place: talking to the audience who matter. While talking to the target audience, it is important to note that even though they are interested in the field, they may not have the experience or expertise on the page.

Fewer Jargons

Good copywriter cuts down on jargon, ensuring that the reader is able to comprehend. By reducing jargon, a good copywriter streamlines the flow of information by ensuring that only what matters to the reader is on the page.


Copy Writing is different from content also in terms of SEO – for SEO depends on the latter and not the former. Thus if SEO is meant to bring more visitors, quality copy keeps them there.

Quality Copy

Recent algorithm changes in Google have resulted in the monitoring of the amount of time that people spend reading a particular page – in terms of bounce rate and time spent on the site.


Similarly, a good web design catches hold of the people’s eyes attracting their attention to what the page is saying. And only if the copy aka what the page is saying is good – the visitors stay on and even convert into users.

Content Writing Done for Websites we Developed

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Content writing is different from copywriting

Content writing and Copy Writing are quite similar in nature because essentially both are created by writers: they push buttons on a keyboard making text to appear that people read. Beyond this point, however, the distinctions start to arise – and most important of them all, it is the intent behind it.

Content writing and Copy Writing are written for clients and their brands, yes, but the difference lies in the answer to “why are we writing this?” While Copy Writing is carried out in the interest of increasing sales and visibility, Content writing is used to entertain the audience online, while they stay connected with the brand, and connect with it.

When it comes to delivering quality branding for your goods and services, we provide the best that we have to offer in terms of Copy Writing. With writers specialising in both content and copy – content copywriters – we ensure uniformity. With Sixty One Steps backing your brand, there is no worry about your content or your copy.

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