Email Marketing

Email marketing can work wonders for your brand's marketing strategy.

Emails can be daunting. Email marketing doesn’t seem to be as fruitful as it used to be. It used to be easier and simpler. All you needed was a mailing list to which you could send newsletters to show and sell your products. And the best part was that the list would keep growing with each new customer. No one has the time to go through their inboxes, let alone open your emails sent in as bulk through the contents which clearly aren’t tailored to their requirements.

Email marketing solutions and services have evolved along with the other technologies of the 21st century. we as a creative agency can help you with the process of email marketing to retain and expand your customer base while increasing your monetary revenue.

Cost Effective

For small businesses this is the most cost-effective marketing channel in our experience. It is advisable to start with this service before scaling up to the others.


Email marketing informs your customer base of new products. It upsells your new offers to a customer who searches for your products and services.

Brand Awareness

Consistent delivery of relevant newsletters through email marketing builds loyalty, trust, brand awareness and generates regular customers.

Brand Building

Enables sharing of brand information amongst other similar minded visitors, users, and customers thus unconsciously increasing brand awareness.

Automation is the key to email marketing

Email marketing can go a long way in helping address the specific issues or needs of the users. However, care must be taken to update the database on a regular basis. Thus, it is better to have the process automated. Automation helps focus on strategies like re engaging customers and follow-ups.

Automation also prevents the distribution of offers to people in which they may not have an interest in. Their purchase history will have pointers as to which products they are looking for right now thus helping you to send the right content at the right time to them.

Sometimes it might seem untimely to email product information that could have already served its purpose especially seasonal / festival related products, for example. Thus with automation in hand, updates on the user are in the database as fast as they happen.

With the right people behind the wheel, email marketing works like a charm

From selling your products and services, sharing news, to telling stories our email marketing services will build your campaigns which create optimum reach and impressions. If you already are in possession of bulk customer data, we can remove much of the manual tasks with the help of pre-built marketing automation to run the email campaigns. With targeted email marketing services, Returns on Investment (ROI) can be calculated accurately. Additionally, ROI would be higher thanks to the low investment required to set up the channel. We can give you detailed reports on how you have connected with your audience, with the email marketing list services which we help you to set up.

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