• Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.

  • ~ Wendy Piersall

Strong SEO strategies are necessary to excel in a competitive digital Space

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is affectionately known by us on the other side of this screen is one of the most misunderstood services due to its complexity and technical factors. The Internet is a huge place. It’s a library, with an almost unlimited collection of human knowledge through the ages from across the world. So much of data is now available to use and benefit from. Yet, we hardly find the need to go beyond the top results of our favourite search engines. By using SEO, search engines are able to deliver relevant web pages on the top of the results, and as we keep looking, we find results that are increasingly different from what we searched for.

How does SEO work?

Search Engine Index

Search engines create indexes of the websites based on several factors. We receive results from this list of websites that are arranged as per the search engines index.

Top Results

When a site is optimised for search engines, it appears at the beginning of the list, and subsequently near the top of our results, thus leading to more visits.

Sample image
Sample image

Search results are fetched based on algorithms unique to search engines. Despite the differences, there is one common goal: to provide the most relevant results to the users.

Set of Rules

The SEO algorithm is defined on a set of rules based on usability and reliability. These include but are not limited to the words that they contain, the site design, the ease of navigation, outbound links and site architecture.

The relevance of SEO to Users and Service Providers.

Targeted Traffic

SEO could help your brand stay ahead of your competitors even against big enterprises. Involving SEO ensures more traffic that translates into more users and thus, value for your time and money. Value for time for your customers and value for money for you.

Rapid Reach

With an optimised site, people see more relevant websites. Your potential clients and target audience will be shown your website more often. Your customers and site visitors will be able to navigate your website faster. Local SEO will become the push for most walk-ins or traffic to your website.

Relevant Results

With SEO in place, everyone finds the information they are searching for without wasting time thus cutting internet costs. They see only the advertisements, suggestions and results that are relevant to their search terms or “keywords” (product or service descriptions, locations & regions).

Improved Authenticity

By implementing SEO, you ensure that your visitors become users and that you have a recognizable, genuine address on the internet and this increases the likelihood of appearing on search engines when someone across the world searches for your search terms or “keywords”

How do we at SOS figure in?

SEO companies and consultants are very few in India. And we have an unfair advantage over there agencies who just offer web design and development or being just a creative agency.

We are an internet marketing company that is also capable of creating search engine optimised text. Therefore we can create content, market it and measure it as well. This helps us find, create, evaluate and prioritise the content.

We can help you out with both, creating a new website and rebuilding your current website. We access user data interpretation as well as competitor website analysis to discover and decide the best practices for your website.

We're a team that understands and executes Crawlability, Indexability, Site Architecture, Information Architecture, Site Maps along with creating content, we conduct content audits to determine the current weak points of your site.

We create content for your website making it optimised for search engines. If you already do have a website, we edit your existing content to make it optimised for search engines. We ensure that the site’s architecture is easy to navigate. Site architecture also includes the use of URLs, the cleanliness of your website code. We include both inbound and outbound links to other related websites, increasing the credibility of yours. Search engines look at how many links come from relevant sites that point to your Web site, but they also look at internal links on pages. We provide affordable SEO services for small businesses be prepared to be surprised with our packages, rates and the value of your investment.

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