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Your Address on the Internet is Your Website

With the ever-expanding internet, your company’s website is the digital face of your company. More often than not, a credible website is the first thing that will convert a rare visitor into a regular customer. Creating a website is a growing field that comprises of three distinct processes content, design and development. We provide quality content, design and development as part of the web design services for your website. With all these services aligned under our one roof, we are able to offer transparency and clarity to you.

Web design needs a minimum of 5 to 6 member team is involved in a web project and each has at least two to three roles to play. Since we work with the designers and content writers we have the advantage of bringing in the development team during the pre-process of your website. We work on the content, design and the development simultaneously, bringing to life the website’s purpose - as detailed by our clients in the website brief. We don't just try to design your website well but ensures that it serves the purpose.

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The content on your site is the first thing that your potential users will see. During the web design of your site, we ensure that the content that we work on is optimised for search engines that will help give a higher likelihood of your site being indexed, ranking and appearing on search engines. We provide content writing services that can to be used on other collateral such as Social Media and Email Marketing as well.


Our designers have strong knowledge on creating a responsive website and ensure that the UI/UX is aligned with the client's vision and brand. We work on User Centred Design which aims at creating creative, beneficial solutions for the user’s needs and your requirements. It converts the data (the problems faced by the user, usually an emotional response) into a systematic process (products that solve the problems faced by the user).


We pay attention to every page of your website that we build. Our teams focus on a mobile-first approach which lets us plan the content around the real estate available on the device. With the level of effort and passion we put into building your website, you can be sure that there will minimum errors which can be rectified with our tests, and subsequent revisions. We continue to test the website, before and after going live and improving.

Websites have to be alive and evolving in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The world moves forward every day – and the digital world at a much faster pace. Your website has to be updated regularly to stay ahead of your competitors. The frequency of these updates depends on the nature of your site, the nature of your users, the timeliness of your content and its accuracy. Based on how you want to work out with us for web design, we are ready to work with you to continue to look into your site to maintain, repair and update it. Our services ensure that your website is not just ready for the current requirements as well as the future (Voice Search, Bots and Machine Learning). With the right people in hand, we will work towards establishing you on the internet and will be around to maintain, repair and update it. Hence, do not hesitate to choose web design services at Sixty One Steps as we offer professional and responsive web design services.

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