Home-Styled Service Apartments


Anand Homes is a modern establishment opened to the public in 2017

Anand Homes is a multi-apartment building constructed for the specific purpose of being rented out as service apartments. These home-styled service apartments were built by an NRI doctor couple, and are located in Velachery, a well-connected suburb of Velachery, Chennai.


Anand Homes




  • Photography Services
  • Website Development
  • CRM Services
  • ERP Services


In order to attract tenants for the service apartments, Anand Homes started using sub local newspaper advertisements and other similar limited directories.

Unfortunately, they were unable to attract potential tenants. Anand Homes was not able to showcase the facilities available to the audience they were reaching through the chosen media.




We did a photoshoot of the premises to be used for website purpose. We kept in mind the requirement of the image to be used and planned the composition of the final product around that.

Website Design & Development

In an attempt to boost their reach to the right target audience, we have started work on a website for their service apartments. This will include our services such as photographs, videography, content, UI/UX not to mention the development of the website code from scratch. Based on the requirements put forward by the client, we intend to include user-friendly options such as a Live Chat option as well as a customer portal which are in development.

Mobile Application

We are in the process of developing a mobile application for the client to aid in the process of rent collection, which is in development. Collecting documents and payments from temporary tenants has proved to be a challenge for Anand Homes owing to the logistical issues that come with. A travelling person may not have access to the right documents at all times. As an affordable solution to this problem, we are working on a cloud-based application. We are in the process of building a cloud-based application on which the customers can open up a portal to submit proofs and payments without having to physically carry and run the risk of losing important documents.