Business management application

Integrated management of the daily processes that make up your business operations.

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Business Managment Applications

What, why and how to start to plan your Cloud journey to connect all your data points.

It involves the use of software or system packages that your business can use managing your daily business processes. With the cloud resource management systems in place, you give way for your business operations to move the required data from one department to another seamlessly. Business solutions are highly useful with cost control. With planned resource planning, you are in control: by being able to determine your path of minimal risk and maximum profit. You are in a position to be able to identify your best suppliers, manage the policy and better management of supplier risk for your business.

Data Flow

Create multiple apps and share information between them., exploit pre-built integrations 3rd party & Zoho services including CRM, Books, and Invoice.

Vendor Managment

Download free iOS and Android native mobile apps for each custom app. Set up portals for external vendors and let them log into your apps.

Rapid Development

Develop your entire app on a drag-and-drop interface. Use default scripts instead of coding from scratch. Repurpose workflows you created in other apps.

Benefits For SMEs

Push and Pull data between teams.

Standardization of your business operations for integration.

The system can automate and streamline the payment process

Save your OpEx and CapEx by eliminating the need for purchase software or hardware.

Applications integrate and manage all of your business operations.

Data accessible at your fingertips through your dashboard or your email.

We Customise & Implement

Small and medium-sized businesses usually have employees performing various duties which is not one particular role. An employee could even be involved in the processes of multiple departments. Thus, a transparent system that presents clear communication of terms between the different teams is highly valued.

In any given organisation, most departments are dependent on each other for the seamless running of the business operations. Retail operating systems is essential for every retail outlet system, even for small and medium-sized businesses. These solutions for SME businesses are particularly useful.

The implementation methodology we provide is to ensure that we help you take operational excellence in improving your product or service and an advanced reporting system brings in its advantages. The updated, accurate, and specific data is available in the form of reports at your fingertips on your dashboard or email, which is automated to fetch data without any intervention.

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