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Simplification through Cloud and Integration.

Customer relationship management software can be used for collecting, organising, and managing the customer information. It can be even combined with other software applications used by the company for automation to save time, increase revenue, and most importantly improve customer service.Marketing, Sales, and Support are often seen as different teams and hence tend to operate separately. Yet, they are different faces of one team, your team. This integration through CRM software creates opportunities for the Sales and Marketing teams to understand the role they play in the organisation’s workflow.

Customer Data Collection

CRM process involves collecting & organising actionable customer data. This is a must for any business that plans to improve their customer satisfaction to the next levels.CRM features enable you to collect and understand your customers better by gathering data to build better marketing, sales and service process.

Customer Data Management

Once the CRM system is set in place, the updated data can be used by your brand to understand how it is consumed by your customers. With this information about your products and services, you will be able to grow your brand to meet the requirements and needs of your customer by maximising customer interactions.

Process & Tracking

Custom CRM software can be used for tracking every interaction and action that your organization takes. It will then needs to be identified, documented, and recorded. Sales can be tracked by analysing what is in the pipeline and forecasting win-loss analysis. The results could be available in real-time on the dashboard of any of your devices.


We can help you design a customised, scalable CRM to ensure that your whole team follows the right process, independently without monitoring.


Salesforce automation in CRM can give your sales reps the power of automation and artificial intelligence. Automate enquiries to the right agent or group for quick resolutions.


CRM development is useful as a well customised CRM gives you the right tools to process more customers, closing more deals and accelerating sales productivity.

Why CRM?

CRM or customer relationship management is one of the few services that are applicable across industries.

We understand that no matter the industry or the service offered by your organisation, the customer is the most asset.

Custom implemented CRM in the long run, could even help you save money and increase your margins.

CRM system aims to help brands manage and effectively process existing customers while pursuing potential customers spending lesser time & closing more trades.

CRM is an unquestionably useful tool in the process of managing a better relationship with your customers.

Advanced reporting and multiple filters to access the right information on your configurable dashboards to make consistent and informed decisions.

CRM Services




  • Track Sales activities.
  • Scale up with your CRM.
  • Industry-specific consultation.
  • CRM Best Practices & Suggestions.
  • Data to measure ROI by tracking data.

10 $ - Per Hour

Implementation starting at

$10 per hour

  • Advanced Customisation.
  • Automation & Report Building.
  • Gsuite & 3rd party Integrations.
  • Quickly Create + Send + Track Quotes.
  • HR & Payroll Implementation & Integrations.



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We Customise & Automate

CRM development is useful as a well customised CRM gives you the right tools to process more customers, closing more deals and accelerating sales productivity.And we do not just provide the tools and disappear. We give you value for money in terms of training and offer one-on-one support on demand for all our clients, before and after the implementation. By tailoring data-driven automated marketing campaigns, we could speed up the sales pipeline while generating new leads.

We Implement & Train

Zoho CRM and Zoho One for organisations who require more than CRM for their daily operations. We are Zoho Authorised Partners and have implemented CRM systems for a few of our clients. The aim of a customer relationship management system is to help brands manage and process existing customers in an effective manner while pursuing potential customers spending lesser time and closing more trades.

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