Dr Sunder


Orthopedic Surgeon


Dr. G. Sunder Ganesh is one of Chennai’s leading orthopaedic doctors with an experience of almost twenty years in the field.

Having received his training from some of the best colleges in the state, he has been a part of several esteemed organisations across the state. His goal is to be part of a team of a well-reputed hospital, to contribute to its growth and to grow professionally.


Dr Sunder Ganesh




  • Branding Services
  • Website Development
  • SEO Services
  • Pay Per Click


Whe main idea behind this project was to make the client and his services more visible to, and directly accessible by, the public. With the creation of his brand logo and corresponding collateral we created the right image for him to be visible to the public eye.

The development of the website would increase his visibility, while providing a comfortable atmosphere for the public to interact with him, while also giving them the ability to store and transmit data through the secure channels of his website.

Branding & Graphic Design

Logo, Branding Kit

We developed the logo based around the brand of the client’s personality, taking into account his training and experience as an orthopaedic surgeon. We later expanded this service to include designing other collateral for his brand.



Images, Text & SEO, UI/UX, Development, Hosting on AWS with HTTPS encryption

Our client Dr. Sunder Ganesh is an orthopaedic surgeon whose services are available across several renowned hospitals in the city. The client has the need to meet with different people, his patients, in these multiple locations at different times of the day. In order to streamline this process, the client’s requirement was to have all the corresponding information displayed at one location for everyone to access.

And what better place to display, than on a personalised website which reflected the client’s formal, clean, and informed personality. We built the website from scratch, writing the content, providing the images, and developing the code. As we have been involved in the website from the beginning, we could work on the UI/UX of the website while making sure it met the basic SEO standards

App Development

Under Development

A lot of potential clients from around the world would be interested to get in touch with the doctor. We are developing the app and the website, keeping this practical utility in mind. The app is intended to be used to fix appointments in an easier and error-free manner for patients across the world.

The website was designed to be an interactive one where the patients could sign in to register themselves as patients in order to help them keep their records in one easy to access system. The website would be the first phase in the process of our client, the surgeon in maintaining a track record of the patient’s details.

A lot of the data and information on the website would be private and confidential. We hosted the website on AWS, increasing the security of details with an HTTPS encryption giving more importance for security and reliability of data that can be saved and retrieved as required.