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The HR department is irreplaceable and significant in any organisation.

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Backbone of the Organisation.

The HR department acts as the face of the organisation across several domains. This puts the HR department in a unique position of working with the people and the data across departments, and sometimes even across organisations. Handling such a large number of people and their data can be overwhelming in terms of energy, time, and money.

The HR department is also involved to make sure that the organisational goals and strategy is well established in the organisational workflow processes such as onboarding, time tracking, appraisal, and attendance management of all employees. By providing the appropriate software and automation, the work of the human resources manager, or the HRM, is made easier and streamlined to help the organisation and the employees achieve goals.

A 360-degree HR Solution

The needs of each organisation are different, based on the size of operations, number of employees, nature of work, turn-over, requirements and such. Indeed, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to The world of HR simply because each brand has a multifaceted personality based on who is viewing it. However, the extent to which efficiency is present is highly dependant on the ease of use and access to the various resources available to an organisation.

Attendance and Leave Management

Simplify the process of applying, managing, documenting employees taking leave by digitalising the process. Record and monitor all leaves across your organisation, and in time, you can even analyse patterns to ensure efficiency.

Integrate and Streamline Recruitment Process

Set up an application tracking process that presents you with live, updated data. The data shown on the activity dashboard would include user overview, current job openings, approval from clients or managers, candidate overview and more.

Goal Setting and Tracking

With the HRMS set in place, the HR department would have an opportunity to set goals and track progress for the employees which could be followed up by managers ratings on the goals that were achieved.

Save Time with Automation

Set reminders and notifications for significant events like department transfers, change in positions or occasions like the completion of a probationary period or the bench period of an individual.

Manage Data Generated by HR Activities

The process of human resource management gives rise to a large amount of data generated by hundreds if not thousands of employees for even a small organisation. The data generated can be analysed and used to make informed decisions.

Time Track and Employee Performance

With the HR software system set in place, track your employee performance by supervising their records of job entries, and logs of billable and non-billable hours. Generate reports on your dashboards with this data to recognize employee performance further. Time trackers can be set up to be sync with the CRM.

One Automated Software for All Your HR Needs

Once the employee skills have been identified, you would be able to set shared common goals. You can gather complete feedback and performance reviews through the human resource management system (HRMS) to bridge the skill gap if one does arise. The human resources department manages the most valuable resource of any organisation, the human resource. By updating the tools they use to the digital age, not only are we saving their time, we are making work easier for the whole organisation.

Customisation & Implementation

We understand the need to use HR resources that are tailored to the needs of your organisation and specifically the human resources team. We offer HRMS that can easily be customised to your requirements, reflecting your brand identity. This customisation can be achieved at multiple levels, even extending to adding new fields, buttons, and further, advanced workflows. We can work with your brand to help you structure the flow approvals by designation and roles. Also, within the organisation, the software can also be used to allocate the right employee to the right project by setting Matrixes for skill sets that would help you to have an overview of your employees’ skills.

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