Having served more than 50,000 clients


Founded in 1978 by a visionary, Mr. Mukesh M Parekh as a single branch, it has now expanded to three branches. Having served more than 50,000 clients with wallpapers worth more than ten crore square feet, they have more three decades of experience in this field.

Wall Jewels Wallpaper World has a vast dealership network to cater to the needs of the ever-growing customers. With such a large market, they have always matched the demand with the latest, upgraded technology.


Walljewels Wallpaper World




  • Photography Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Social Media Marketing


The clients decided that using social media for marketing was the next step forward in this digital age, and we have been helping them to achieve it.


We conducted photoshoots at various installation sites of their clients such as hotels, retails and end users. These photography services were conducted after wallpaper installation, which were used for various campaigns along with their testimonials.

Graphic Design

Newspaper Ad, Collaterals

We provided ideation, design, and copy for advertisements in magazines and newspapers. We also provided the same services for a Wallpaper Myths series that was used across advertising media. We created brochures and event invitations with our photography, design, and content services for their individual products.


Social Media Management

Page Optimisation, Page Management , Campaigns & Paid Media Management

We managed the social media handles of Wall Jewels Wallpaper World on Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, we used relevant hashtags and posted frequently to gain more followers organically. Facebook was used to update the customers regarding the brand’s products and services. The FB space was also used to provide information to followers about using the brand’s products and the product’s features.

General Facebook posts would include details about existing products and to introduce new products. Regular updates were also given about the latest trends and designs of the world. We went through a large number of their catalogues, selecting and digitalising photos of the wallpaper designs and patterns that would work on social media.

Facebook was used for interacting with the followers and potential audience. We conducted bi-monthly contests on social media, such as interactive puzzles - awarding the winners with free product giveaways and installation.

Paid Media Management

We boosted posts during the marketing of seasonal festival contests to increase the reach and interaction with the customers. With the FB Ad Manager features, we analysed the existing follower data, we were able to target similar demographics. With this, we were able to run paid advertisement campaigns were also carried out for campaigns to increase likes. We also ran lead generation campaigns, and page like campaigns through the power editor With the data generated from the campaign performance, we were able to generate in-depth monthly reports to show growth patterns from Insights on Facebook and other third party software specifically designed for handling social media campaigns.