Ten million people to make Chennai's identity.

Sixty One Steps to make yours.

We are a Small Crew Teaming with Brands to Sustain and Grow Digitally.

We are a talent pool for skilled people who wish to put their abilities to good use in the industry. This creates a flow of talent through our doors into the professional field. This fresh stock of talent infuses new perspectives into the creative process that is essential for your requirements.

Sixty One Steps is a group of individuals who value evolving and growing better every day. Yet, we do not forget our roots: where we stand, is because of where we come from. Thus, our young team is updated with trending themes while staying rooted in our traditional thoughts as well.

We at Sixty One Steps, value data. With the right data, we learn from our mistakes of the past. With this knowledge, we can predict patterns. We strive to decode these patterns from the massive amounts of data we generate from our regular transactions and evade blunders in the future.

Sixty One Steps Started out in April 2015 as a Brainchild of Two People


Arun does not fit the stereotypical role of a digital marketing company’s founding member. Having dropped out of traditional education and starting his career earlier than most others, he still went on to finish his Masters in Marketing from the University of Western Sydney.

Not only does he have a theoretical knowledge in the marketing industry he has played different roles across multiple industries in his career while maintaining the soul of his work in marketing.

Arun has always shown more than a keen interest to move forward embracing even the latest technology that is yet to hit the market. His passion for technology is only matched by his passion for gaming, and learning from gaming.



Kalpana is the appropriate composure that complements the unrestrained energy of Arun at Sixty One Steps: the yin to his yang. Kalpana has always had a great interest in the world of digital arts.

After a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Stella Maris College, Chennai and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Marketing & HR) from M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai Kalpana still wanted to work in the creative industry.

But a career in banking and operations at MNCs such as Pearsons, Royal Bank of Scotland, and the Bank of America would not allow for such creative opportunities that attracted her attention. With such a traditional backdrop, Kalpana is the other person behind the startup of Sixty One Steps.

More than ten years back, the founders of Sixty One Steps met during one of their part-time jobs and together they started their first-time venture in their twenties; which a decade back was a pretty bold move. It was an event management venture which could not be sustained; and now they are working on Sixty One Steps, a digital marketing company that is set apart from the rest. Today, Kalpana has the best of both worlds: applying her theoretical knowledge in economics and management in the creative world of Sixty One Steps, every day

So, why sixty one steps?

The number sixty one is indicative of the number of steps that they actually had to take to reach their premises during a particularly turbulent yet momentous time of their lives, and hence, Sixty One Steps was the natural choice for a brand that they have spent a lot of their time, focus, energy, and willpower in

Oh, and who could forget the initials: S.O.S?

Sixty One Steps is home to small teams of dedicated and talented people, who we value as much as our clients. Being a start-up we understand the significance of being integrated with our clients’ business processes which constantly have to adapt and evolve. This recognition has helped us give unique insights into their projects with the help of their data

We will help set up and maintain Zoho’s services for the SMEs to grow digitally. A large amount of data has been set on paper and through word of mouth for at least the past decade by the SMEs in a developing nation such as India. These services will be used to establish them in the virtual space. Along with the wide range of cloud-based applications that Zoho has to offer, this will place us in the perfect position to help establish their business transactions and communications through Zoho as well.

We hope to work with you to create a holistic environment with the appropriate tools and the requisite software for new entrepreneurs as well as second generation businesspeople who are open to using the internet to go digital and thus integrate technology into their business processes and models.

If you feel that we are the right choice for your business needs,
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