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Accounting software with inventory
capabilities is not ERP or CRM!

Benefits of CRM

  • 360-Degree Customer View
  • Greater Visibility Into the Sales Pipeline
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Higher Quality Leads
  • Better Sales Projections
  • Intelligent Production Planning
  • Increased Sales
  • Quotation , PO Generation
Manufacturing Benefits

Benefits of ERP

  • Material Procurement Planning
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Invoice Processing
  • Distribution Management
  • Real Time Quality Checks
  • Interdepartmental Stock Movements
  • Multiple Dashboards and Analytics
  • Warehouse & Vendor Management

Digitise Operations & Improve Production Quality

Integrate Departments & Reduce Operation Cost

Improve Production Time & Reduce Delivery Time

Traceability of End Products & Account your wastage

CRM Essentials - Compelling Reasons to Implement
CRM System For a New Business


Integrated CRM & ERP

Product Integration

The CRM application should be able to provide access to the products contained in the ERP system if you’re looking to achieve full process integration.

Order and Quote Management

Necessary component if your company is looking to turn proposal generation into concrete orders.

Contact and Account Integration

Both ERP and CRM systems include contact and account information, with ERP being more focused on billing and shipping addresses, while CRM focuses on prospects and sales. Your ERP/CRM integration needs to address the differing business rules for each system while also supporting ongoing changes.

Product | Order | Invoice Repository

One of the main functions of the ERP/CRM integration is providing your sales representatives with visibility into order statuses, as well as to make and track order changes.

Our CRM & ERP Implementation Process


Develop a proper understanding of the organisation by diving deep into the primary pain points that are hindering the operations.

Identify Gaps

Probe into the pain points; we would discover the areas in which the organisation needs a technology intervention to solve the problem and improve efficiency.


Perform a thorough business process analysis to understand the dynamics between various departments and provide solution addressing the entire ecosystem of the organisation.

Vendor selection

Based on the requirements, primary focus areas and the budget allocation, we could shortlist the most viable vendor and custom solutions to address the issue.


Develop a Proof of Concept (POC) as a process of validation of the requirement before the delivery and once approved we would develop the solution and deliver it.

End-user Training

Complete the cycle with an extensive admin and end-user training and would continue to support as long as required by the team.

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