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Donor management made easy.

Efficiently track all of your fundraising efforts, communications, and additional essential non-profit activities in one central donor database.

Save time by automating your communications.

Automatically communicate fundraising receipts, organize to-do’s for your team, and acknowledge your donors when you receive.

Online fundraising made simple.

Quickly create winning online fundraising campaigns and embed them to your website, social media, or email marketing campaigns.

Manufacturing Benefits

Boost Staff Efficiency Processes

Customizable workflows, secure report building, and built-in best practice templates lead to more reliable performance from the team.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields, notes, and even uploaded documents to track organization-specific information and to gain an even more in-depth understanding of your donors.

Track and Analyse

With robust reporting and analytics modules, organizations can run reports to gain deeper insights and overall performance.

Volunteer Recruitment, Engagement & Retention

Fundraising Activities, Expense Management and Bookkeeping

Data Analytics and Reporting

Event Planning and Execution

CRM Essentials - Compelling Reasons to Implement
CRM System For a New Business

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According to a 2018 study from the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, which summarized data from 13,601 non profit organizations, donor retention rates have been below 50% for the past ten years. In other words, any donor you acquire is more likely to float away a year after their first donation than they are to stick around.

Let us help you build a custom application exclusively for your organization, understanding the nuances that make your non-profit unique.


Creates transparent processes across the organisation.


Modernises back-end administrative processes through rule-based workflows.


 Offers secure back-end tracking, processing and reporting of donations for audit and regulatory purposes.


Improves decision making with quick, real-time financial information.


Reduces data redundancy for more effective programs.

Advantages of using a Non-Profit CRM

Effective Fundraising Campaigns

Your non-profit CRM software can improve your organization plan and complete multi-step and multi-contributor fundraising campaigns more productively. Through the software, you can build campaign workflows, assigning various staff and volunteer members to various tasks. You can also automate reminders to send out once it reaches time for specific tasks to be executed.

Universal Information Access

If your organization is using diverse platforms to run various efforts, the chances are that the data entered in one platform is only available to the staff who use that platform. With non-profit CRM software, all of your staff can consult all of your data to gain a more profound understanding of their roles and duties. They'll be able to see how their tasks fit into more significant organizational efforts so your projects and campaigns will run more smoothly.


One of the most notable benefits of non-profit CRMs is that they have features to automate several of the routine tasks that organizations once ought to do by hand, including sending email campaigns, de-duping donor records, and giving donation receipts. With CRM, you can optimize staff efforts and put staff-hours toward more critical tasks, like cultivating stronger relationships with your donors

Deeper Donor Relationships

Non-profit CRMs resolve the problem of individual donor data, giving organizations more profound insights into their donors. Having a fuller understanding of your donors allows you to take a personalized approach to steward them. You can present them with more appealing opportunities and conduct outreach through their preferred channels for the best chance of engaging them. When your donors are invested in your non-profit and feel like you are invested in them, too, they're more likely to convert to recurring contributors.

Reporting & Analytics

Non-profit CRMs include robust and complete reporting and analytics functionalities, allowing non-profits to gain insights into their execution so they can hone their strategies. Plus, because all transactions are logged in the software, CRMs cater non-profits with the most reliable and contemporary financial reports. Having these reports can help non-profits be more honest and build more trust with their donors, which leads to better fundraising.

Seamless Data Capture

Non-profit CRM software enables organizations to capture the donor data they receive from several sources more seamlessly. Since all information obtaining sources links back up to your CRM, all data is automatically recorded in the platform. You and your staff will not spend as much time recording new data or transferring data between platforms, and you should have a more extensive set of data available to inform your efforts.

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