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Recruitment to Exit Process and Everything In Between

The HR department acts as the face of the organisation across several domains. Handling such a large number of people and their data can be overwhelming in terms of energy, time and money. By providing the appropriate software and automation, workflow processes such as onboarding, time tracking, appraisal, and attendance management of all employees can be streamlined to help the organisation and the employees achieve goals

A 360-degree HR Solution

The needs of each organisation are different, based on the size of operations, number of employees, nature of work, turn-over, requirements and such. Indeed, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to The world of HR simply because each brand has a multifaceted personality based on who is viewing it. However, the extent to which efficiency is present is highly dependant on the ease of use and access to the various resources available to an organisation.

Employee Data Management

Centralised HR Information System to track employee data and records.


Allow staff to record their work hours, job entries and logs of billable and non-billable hours.

Attendance Management

Mark attendance from anywhere with IP and Geo-restrictions. Integrate with biometric devices and other APIs.

Leave Tracking

Simplify the process of applying, managing, documenting employees leave management system.

Performance Management

Have a 360-degree, continuous feedback system and evaluate employees with customised performance appraisal methods.

Recruitment Automation

Optimise and streamline your entire recruiting process, make informed and data-driven decisions.

Document Management

Manage and share all your HR documents in a single, central, secure location to sort, organise, and share.

Expense Tracking

Online expense management enables HR teams to manage employee expense in a complete unified system with multiple functionalities.

Payroll Management

Setup and Automate payroll process to reduce manual work with advanced features.

Analytics & Reports

Optimise your workforce strategies with comprehensive analytics.

HR Processes Simplified & Streamlined


Employee Engagement

- Positive work culture with positive technology

- Increase productivity & level of engagement

- New ways to connect with teams

  1. Employee Self Service Automation
  2. Team Communication Chat
  3. Audio / Video Conferencing
  4. Social Wall & Open Forums
  5. ML & Chat Bots

Talent Acquisition

- Data Driven people recruiting

- View of Job status progression

- Notifications of key insights at various stages

- Positive Workplace & Culture to stay competitive

  1. Applicant Tracking System
  2. Diverse job boards
  3. Appealing career website
  4. Resume management tools
  5. Offer letter management
  6. Pre-onboard your new hires
  7. Quickly integrate new hires
  8. Customize onboarding with workflows

Talent Management

- Manage & retain your talented employees

- Grooming moderate performers for

- Opportunities to learn and develop professionally

  1. Define KRA and Goals
  2. Clear outlook on skills
  3. 360-degree feedback
  4. Manage the appraisal cycle
  5. Data-driven talent insights
  6. Train and upskill employees

One Automated Software for All Your HR Needs

We can customise & implement HRMS solutions tailored to your requirements, with HR process structure, based on approvals by designation and roles. This customisation can be achieved at multiple levels, even extending to adding new fields, buttons, and further, advanced workflows.

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