Slab Space India and Co are quarry owners, stone processors and exporters of quality granite blocks and slabs operating out of South India. Operating since 2016, Slab Space is headed to tackle international markets, supplying distributors and fabricators with their high-quality products, processes, and supervision.


We discussed the expectations and requirements of the client while explaining what we could do for them.

After many meetings and discussions, we arrived at a set of services that we could offer to Slab Space that would prove useful to them.


Slab Space was looking for a relaunch into the digital age. The first step we took towards this was in terms of branding and identities.


Slab Space India & co



  • Branding Services
  • Pay Per Click
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO Services
  • Website Design & Development

We designed their new logo as a slab themed word mark keeping in mind the nature of their business. We redesigned the entire branding kit with a clean, minimalistic feel. We developed promotional materials such as brochures, pamphlets and other marketing materials for the brand. With the digital revamping going on, the next step was to create a website for the organisation. It would function as a landmark for potential customers who might want to learn about the brand. We developed the website in line with what the client required. The client had specified their requirements for the website as a simple information site showcasing details such as available stock, brand information, and contact details.

Starting from scratch, we wrote the code and the content for a fully responsive dynamic site for SlabSpace in forty-five days. We conducted a product photography session, producing images for the website. Since we were involved in the website building process right from the start, we could incorporate the required UI, UX, and SEO standards for the website without any issues. Potential customers can come across the brand in a variety of ways, and the website has been designed to identify and document all possible customers.

They could find the site through the pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns that we set up. Customers who chat on the website are automatically saved as a lead and could be converted to a contact or an account later. Such leads get collected for that particular month’s campaign. To make use of all such leads, the campaigns and the chat settings are fine-tuned to calculate the leads from factors of website activity such as time spent on a page, the number of repeat visits, or even the interaction through the live chat feature. Supported by such valuable data, the team can convert potential customers into a contract or an account.

We help businesses recognise their team collaboration requirements and assist them with implementation and training for efficient use of the platforms.

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