There are several non-vegetarian BBQ restaurants in the city today. However, for the vegetarian crowds of the city, this has been an inconvenience as the choices are limited compared to the non-vegetarian choices. To fill the void in the heart of the city’s vegetarians, Holy Grill came up as the first and only vegetarian BBQ restaurant in Chennai.


Holy Grill restaurant wanted to digitalise their reservation process from writing it down from a notebook to the data to be entered directly on to an app to keep the reservation completely online process with basic automation.


We were able to offer the client a cost-effective, secure web app developed on Zoho Creator using Zoho Creator's proprietary scripting language Deluge, for creating and adding business logic to applications.


Holy Grill



  • ERP App

With minimalistic and straightforward UI/UX recording data was simplified for the client, and they managed the data on a cloud system in one place. Reporting from the app helped realise the bigger picture for the restaurant to know various aspects of the health of the business by comparing trends and patterns.

They were able to offer discounts and maintain loyalty scores for regular customers. The dashboard view helped plan for the days' activities based on the number of the reservation. Acknowledgement email triggered was configured for the customers making reservation confirming all the details captured at the time of registration. This way, any errors could be averted. Multiple users were allowed; hence, data obtained through various members of the team is centrally captured, and duplication or double booking is avoided.

We build business process workflow application enabling brands to migrate from excel sheets to functional modules.

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