Slab Space India and Co are quarry owners, stone processors and exporters of quality granite blocks and slabs operating out of South India. Operating since 2016, Slab Space is headed to tackle international markets, supplying distributors and fabricators with their high-quality products, processes, and supervision.


Being a start-up Slab Space needed a business operating system enabled with automation to compete with established players in the industry. Since they were new, the company process would go through many changes and would have trial errors to set standards and process flows.

So the software we were customizing for the brand needed to be agile and adapt to the requirements. The CRM and ERP were designed to include multiple vendors under a single platform for easy push and pull of data.


Slab Space India & co



  • CRM Implementation
  • ERP App

Based on the budget and requirement, we opted to use Zoho One Platform. Zoho One by Zoho is one suite of 40 integrated business and productivity application for the entire organization under a single billing and SSO system. We set up around ten different apps for the company and enabled integration between them, along with workflows, blue print and custom functions using their Zoho Creator's proprietary scripting language Deluge, for creating and adding business logic to applications.

Multiple application for different verticals and specific vendors such as Inspection, Inventory and Campaign App was built and integrated with Zoho CRM to simplify the sales processes. Customers can book slabs through the app. Once selected, this data is set to be pushed to CRM to create deals and prepare Quotation. Automated quote preparation from deals module was enabled; this saves 15 to 20 minutes per-quote / proforma / invoice development.We embedded the inventory booking app and CHA app on the website. Customers would be able to access the documents and understand the stage of the order placed by them.

CHA vendors have a separate portal to submit and update the progress of the location of the consignments. Based on specific date criteria, automated notification, reminders and communication get to keep the process in check until the products reach thedestination. Pending payment reminders to clients are automated based on the type of payment agreed between the client and his customer. We ensured there is a single point of control between all applications along with a dashboard view for a quick overview. We continuously work with the client to improve and make the implementation success by fine-tuning and training the users.

Our CRM Implementation transform the routine sales process into an automated smart system to track, follow and close deals.

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