There are several non-vegetarian BBQ restaurants in the city today. However, for the vegetarian crowds of the city, this has been an inconvenience as the choices are limited compared to the non-vegetarian choices. To fill the void in the heart of the city’s vegetarians, Holy Grill came up as the first and only vegetarian BBQ restaurant in Chennai.


After discussions with the client, we arrived at a list of services that we could implement in their workflows that would be useful for their organisation and brand. These services would help them run their business in a better way.

These services would build a better brand and market it across various digital media moving their business transactions into the online digital world.


Holy Grill



  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

The services that we offered were not standalone. Most of the services are interrelated and were discussed and carried out calculating how well it could serve the purpose of other services.The marketing campaign would be the bigger picture, and the other services were tailored to fit into the campaign. It also saved the client a lot of hassle for they did not have to interact with multiple individual agencies or freelancers for the various creative services like photography, retouching, graphic design, and social media marketing. The client wanted us to showcase the vegetarian grill concept of the restaurant to depict the essence of the restaurant to potential customers. We decided to achieve this with fiery photos of the food being cooked on the grill.

During the process of setting up of the new restaurants, the client wanted promotional gift coupons to be distributed to various restaurants, clubs, and other similar hangouts in the city. We conceptualised and designed the coupon depicting the grill keeping in mind the theme and concept of the restaurant. During the launch of their second brand -a QSR style Holy Grill Snack Bar - we provided them with menu board designs to be displayed in the store. Based on the promotional campaigns, we set up conceptualised marketing campaigns such as “Dhaba OK Pls”, “Eat Street”, “Pongal Photo Contest”. We came up with marketing posters to advertise discounts and offers and marketed them through social media promotions. We also handled paid media management during the marketing campaigns and promotional offers.

We also prepared and delivered promotional content marketing across print and digital media. This consisted of announcements, updates, and promotional offers on newspapers and magazines; while we handled their social media handles for posting updates about events. We build the website, keeping in mind the minimalistic requirement of it being an information website. We brainstormed the requirement with the team and finalised on a 5-page site. We designed clean, simple layouts along with developing content in terms of text, graphics and images. We had done a video and photoshoot keeping the layout requirements of the website.

We house a range of creative services integrated under a single roof to enable single agency operation.

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