Splendid Food Company was born out of a market necessity for healthy food on the go. Today’s youngsters only are reaching for junk food and biscuits that are easy to access, but poor on health. Splendid Foods burst onto the scene, bringing something simple made with dried fruits and nuts. Preservative-free and healthy, these were nutritious enough to consume post a workout or even carry with during travels.


The company has been a family-owned business started in 1995 as a catering business and now has reinvented itself as Splendid Food Company, manufacturing packaged healthy products.

Now in the digital era, they planned to cover digital marketing through social media to reach more potential customers and to interact with existing customers. We worked on a retainer model, providing photography, graphic design, and copywriting as content types for promotion.


Splendid Food Company



  • Photography
  • Content Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media

Using our in-house photography team, we conducted photoshoots of the products for social media promotions on Facebook and Instagram. We enhanced those images by overlaying illustrations to create graphic designs used as promotional material. We wrote content posts on the benefits of the products by talking about the health and fitness advantages of the different ingredients. The client had an established page on Facebook for the brand. However owing to time constraints in building the brand, the client was unable to optimise and post content to engage the existing audience and build brand awareness. We took over the social media page and informed the client of our mode of operation. We handled the paid media management for post promotions and general page promotions.

We made it clear that there wouldn’t be an immediate increase in physical sales due to social media. Instead, social media would enable the process of building the brand: A brand that embodied the real sense of being a small home-grown brand selling authentic and healthy products with a modern twist. We drafted, executed and scheduled a content marketing plan for a month, and rotated between different types of content marketing, which included but was not limited to: Recipes using Splendid granola bar, various themes of product usage, spotlight articles on fitness, generic product promotions and blog share of healthy eating.

We offer a range of creative services designed learning the marketing purpose to reach social media goals & aspirations.

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