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Track Your Clicks & Conversions with PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) involves the advertisers agreeing to pay a sum of money for hosting an advertisement placed on a host website. The money is paid every time a user interacts with your advertisement.

PPC - Element of Search Engine Marketing

Drive right traffic

You will pay the host, only when a user actively engages with your content.

Generate quality leads

Clicks are a way to measure attention and interest.

Play only for the clicks

An audience becomes a visitor with a click, and depending on the content on your site.

Track you visitors

With remarketing we can convert them into a user or a lead.

Understanding your visitors

Analytics to study the data generated from this process of driving traffic.

Multiple industries

PPC is an advertising model that is best suited for emerging businesses.


Pay Per Click is one of the few methods that have been in public use for a long time.

It is considered affordable, commercially efficient and even profitable for local and emerging companies. There is more value for money and return on investment for both the users and the service providers.

Organic Results

The services and products are not marketed in a traditional manner.

Rather info about the said services and products circulates through practices such as word of mouth. As there is no constant force that is acting to increase the rate of spread of information - it occurs at a natural rate and hence is organic.

Local Search

By local search, we refer to the companies that enjoy more business from customers who physically live around the company.

Local search results show up in the advertisements based on the locality of the user. For example, people living in Chennai will not be receiving advertisements for restaurants in the US.

Execution is just as a vital part of your PPC campaigns as is anything else.

Pay Per Click advertising is advantageous not only because of its economic value but also because of the targeted approach it has towards the audience. Therefore, you will be able to target your audience accurately, and also end up paying only for the times that your advertisement is engaged with.

Searcher's location
Day and time of the search
Internet traffic for that term

Customised Campaigns

We are capable of placing your advertisements on a broad cross-section of digital media. From increasing sales to getting more leads, we can create content and campaigns using PPC. Our campaigns can be made to contain rich media, and these ads let us even add animation and interactive elements.

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