Creating Reports

Learn about creating module-specific reports and cross-functional module reports in Zoho CRM.

In Zoho CRM, you can create reports for any module linking some of the other cross-functional modules. For more information on Zoho CRM, you can visit us.

Types of Report

  • Tabular Report: Use this type of report to create contact mailing lists, consolidated view of the sales pipeline, and others.
  • Summary Report: Displays the data along with subtotals, groupings, and other summary information.
  • Matrix Report: Displays the data summarized in a grid against both horizontal and vertical columns.

To create a report.

After which you will be guided to this page where you can select any module.

You can also select any type of report you want to

Once done you can add filters and advanced filters to it.

To group report columns

  • The system will display the column names (in the Columns tab) only for those modules that you select here.
  • In the Create Report page, click the Grouping tab. This tab will be available only when you select Summary Reports under the Report Type tab.
  • In the Grouping page, you can group the records based on the grouping criteria that you specify.
  • Select the values from the respective lists.
  • Select Ascending or Descending from the list.

Select the calculation functions

In the Create Report page, click the Columns to Total tab.

In the Columns to Total section, select the required calculation functions ( Sum, Average, Lowest Value, Largest Value ).

Select who can access the report

  1. Only me
  2. Everyone
  3. Selected Users

Add folder title and description.

Click Save.

Scheduling Reports

You can automatically send reports to your colleagues, executive management and non-Zoho CRM users by scheduling the desired reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Once the Report scheduler is configured, specified reports will be delivered to the recipients as an email attachment (XLS format).

Scheduled reports can be sent through email, Cliq or Cisco Webex.

You can schedule a report as shown in the above video.

Hence this is the way to generate report in Zoho CRM that will help you extract valuable sales information in less time. We can help you design a customised, scalable CRM - offer training and one-on-one support on-demand before and after the implementation. We could speed up the sales pipeline by tailoring data-driven automated marketing campaigns while generating new leads.

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