Custom Cloud-Based Apps to Suit Your Business.

Cloud-based ERP solutions save time and money for small businesses. To monitor the performance of your organisation, you no longer need to wade through individual spreadsheets in a time-consuming manner periodically. With advanced reporting, all it takes is just a glance at any time to check and understand how your business has been performing.

Simple Implementation

Businesses do not want a bulky and expensive software that takes a long time to implement and need constant maintenance.

  • Reduce IT maintenance expense
  • Focus on core business operations
  • Avoid disruption or delay in business operations
  • Build solutions complementing the existing business process

Upgrade From Spreadsheets

All business transaction generates data which can be converted into useful information by using a spreadsheet.

  • Spreadsheets not ideal for storing longterm databases
  • They lack role-based access permissions
  • Different versions stored with the inability to collaborate
  • Custom App databases enable accessibility from any device with user profiling and restrictions

Business Specific Applications

All business can benefit from custom software applications, regardless of the product or service offered.

  • Limited IT budget leads to diligent IT expense planning
  • Compare the benefits of custom app vs generic desktop app
  • Custom app beneficial in the long run

Benefits For SMEs

Push and Pull data between teams.

Standardization of your business operations for integration.

The system can automate and streamline the payment process

Save your OpEx and CapEx by eliminating the need for purchase software or hardware.

Applications integrate and manage all of your business operations.

Data accessible at your fingertips through your dashboard or your email.

Our Implementations

Holygrill - Reservation Application

To fill the void in the heart of the city’s vegetarians , Holy Grill came up as the first and only vegetarian BBQ restaurant in Chennai,

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Slab Space India - Custom ERP Solution

Slab Space India and Co are quarry owners, stone processors and exporters of quality granite blocks and slabs operating out of South India. Operating since 2016,

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We Customise & Implement

The implementation methodology we provide is to ensure that we help you take operational excellence in improving your product or service. Set up an advanced reporting system that delivers updated, accurate, and specific data in the form of reports on your dashboards.

Let us be a part of your digital transformation!

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We empower brands to adopt technology in the age of digital transformation as Zoho Partners Chennai.

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